Horizon Stone

"Every stone we make is crafted of natural materials, hand-molded from quarried stone, and colored by our artisans to replicate the beauty of nature. Beautiful and affordable, our high-quality stone veneers are the perfect way to enhance your exterior and interior environments."

Horizon | Handcrafted

"Straight from the bench of a stonemason." - HS. This series offers the best of both worlds from Ledgestone and Handcrafted. You have the rugged and rough look of stacked stone, alongside the symmetrical and straight lines of shaped stone. It is traditional. It is timeless.

Horizon | Ledgestone

This popular series compliments other building materials beautifully on any home. The appearance of aged, stacked stone creates a welcoming, yet professional look. The variety of sizes and natural colors is sure to make your home look just as you like. Horizon | Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral | Dressed Fieldstone

Cultured Stone by Boral - Pro Fit Alpine Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral - Limestone

Cultured Stone by Boral | Cobblefield

Boral has Cultured Stone veneer for all kinds of projects, regardless of the size of your build or budget. They offer styles from rustic and traditional to clean and modern with an equal assortment of sizes and colors. With an easy installation for interior and exterior projects, you cannot choose wrong.

Cultured Stone by Boral - Pro Fit Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral | Drystack Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral | Country Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral - Southern Ledgestone

Cultured Stone by Boral | Country Ledgestone

This series offers a square, linear look whilst being perfectly rugged and textured. Its variety of shapes and colors are quite balanced adding a rustic feel to a contemporary style. For your convenience, Boral offers an extensive color selection for this installer friendly series.

Coronado | Villa Series

An impressive blend of shapes, sizes and textures that mirror European Old World architecture. This series offers the character and charm much like the villas and chateaus in Europe. It is a strong stone that is sure to stand out.

Techo Bloc

Diamond Paver - Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black





Alamo Stone

Alamo Stone