Cherokee Brick's ingenuity and high quality products date back to their beginnings in 1877. Their Georgia and Mississippi plants have an environmentally friendly manufacturing system while using local, natural materials for their bricks. With over 100 varieties of brick to choose from, you can be confident that your project's exterior will reflect just the style that you imagined.


Cherokee Magnolia Bay - White Mortar


In 2016 Boral and Forterra Brick merged to form Meridian Brick, the largest and strongest brick distributor in the United States and Canada. Meridian Brick works hard using efficient methods to meet the needs of their customers and the brick industry. Offering a selection like no other, this company's product is sure to impress all those who behold it.

Pine Hall

With almost a hundred years of experience, Pine Hall Brick offers high quality, sustainable brick. They provide hundreds of brick and mortar combinations as well as "no cost" recycling options. Yes, Pine Hall Brick not only values the brick they manufacture, but also each project that their brick goes into.

General Shale

General Shale takes the lead in the masonry market with over 90 years of experience. In 1999 they joined Wienerburger AG, the largest brick manufacturer in the world. Today, General Shale is committed through and through to their products and the environment. Winning multiple environmental awards for that commitment, they continue to be driven by modern tactics and innovation. With their wide variety of colors and styles of brick, your project is sure to fit any vision you may imagine. (Featured: Charleston)