Cherokee Brick

Cherokee Brick's ingenuity and high quality products date back to their beginnings in 1877. Their Georgia and Mississippi plants have an environmentally friendly manufacturing system while using local, natural materials for their bricks. With over 100 varieties of brick to choose from, you can be confident that your project's exterior will reflect just the style that you imagined. Cherokee Montgomery GA

US Brick

Shadow Stone QS - Grey Mortar

US Brick

US Brick Natchez Trace. King Size. Grey Mortar.

Pine Hall

With almost a hundred years of experience, Pine Hall Brick offers high quality, sustainable brick. They provide hundreds of brick and mortar combinations as well as "no cost" recycling options. Yes, Pine Hall Brick not only values the brick they manufacture, but also each project that their brick goes into. (Pictured: Millstone)


"Adhering to our standards is hard work and we wouldn’t want it any other way. As the saying goes….nothing worth doing is easy. Embracing a strong work ethic our employees are dedicated to manufacturing quality brick, thin brick, pavers and tile. We’re large enough to offer professional opportunities yet small enough that everyone makes a significant contribution day in and day out."

Koni Materials

"Koni Materials® offers a wide variety of high quality building materials. With over 100 profiles of brick veneer, stone veneer, and natural stone to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect materials that will bring your design to life!"

Ragland Clay Products

Ragland Clay Products


Columbus Brick Company has a long history of making quality brick since 1890. Offering customers a unique variety of brick in a broad range of colors, textures and styles, Columbus Brick is one of the only companies to offer the genuine papercut brick. The company can create custom brick shapes that capture the individualism that many architects and homeowners desire in their commercial and residential projects.

Interstate Brick

"Interstate Brick is widely recognized as one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the U.S. Established in 1891, Interstate Brick joined the Pacific Coast Building Products family in 1990. The company’s products, used in residential and commercial construction, offer several distinguishing features that motivate architects and builders across the country to specify them." -Interstate Brick

Sioux City Brick (Glen-Gery)

"Glen-Gery is an industry leader for its’ diversified product line of more than 600 brick products, which are available in a wide-array of sizes and textures. These products include extruded brick, molded brick, glazed brick, klaycoat brick, handmade brick, thin brick and paving brick."

Cloud Ceramics

"Today, Cloud Ceramics mines 5 different colors of clay from the same Dakota clay field in which the company began over 60 years ago. Cloud Ceramics manufactures over 30 different colors of brick in a variety of sizes and textures and is known in the industry as the “Cadillac” of brick lines. Known not only for its high quality standards but also for vibrancy in color, this face brick is sold nationwide as well as in Canada. Cloud Ceramics attributes its success over the years to strong leadership and experienced employees that rank among the best in the industry. Through the years Cloud Ceramics has developed not only a reputation of providing a top quality product but also of being a company dedicated to preserving our environment." - Cloud Ceramics

Ragland Clay Products

Old Carolina "Based on our commitment to quality and authenticity, Old Carolina® brick are each hand moulded and then fired to provide the beautiful bisques, hues, and unique colors identical to those of brick made centuries ago."

Bowerston Shale Company